You’ve heard since childhood to “work smarter, not harder”. Now older and as a business you seek efficiencies and productivity. Our Cash & Treasury Management group is a partner in your quest. Treasury Management focuses on Merchant Services, Direct Deposit & Payroll, and Business Mobile Check Deposit.

Merchant Services

Often this is referred to as Credit Card Processing, but the reality is it should just be called “getting paid”. Getting paid for the item you sold or the service you provided is after all a key factor in managing your business. We offer solutions to make it easier and more efficient to accept payments from your customers in person, over the phone, or through a website. CapEd will consult and strategize with you on implementing the best solution to collect payments via credit and debit card.

Direct Deposit & Payroll Services

Did you ever think you wouldn’t like handing out a check to pay an employee? Now you can enjoy paying for a job well done again! Through CapEd Direct Deposit & Payroll Service you can eliminate the frustration of your regular payroll. It is convenient, secure and your employees receive their check directly in their bank account.

We also offer other solutions for Payroll and Human Resources functions that are tailored to your business. Schedule a no cost or obligation Business Services Consultation with a member of our team.

Business Mobile Deposit

We like seeing you when you come in, but you don’t always have the time to run over to make a deposit. With Mobile Deposit you can quickly snap a photo on your smartphone or mobile device and with a few taps (didn’t we use to call them clicks?) your check is deposited into your account.

Do you deposit a large volume of checks on a regular and frequent basis? We offer a Desktop Scanner to deposit your checks from the convenience of your office. Not that we don’t want to see you – we just know you’re busy.

Business Services Consultation

Let’s help you work smarter. To get started we’ll meet with you for a free, no obligation Business Services Consultation.

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