Membership at CapEd does more than save you money over traditional banks and lenders. Your membership supports Idaho’s teachers and students.

Members Gain Access to Our Wide Range of Financial Products & Services

Earn more with accounts like our High Yield Checking and CapEd Tunes Checking accounts.

Members can apply for more affordable loans on vehicles, homes and more.

In addition to enjoying lower and fewer fees with no hidden charges, members also enjoy perks & discounts for entertainment and more.

Qualifying for Membership is Easy

We love teachers but we’re not just for teachers!
Those who share our passion to support education are invited to bank with us.

You qualify for CapEd membership when…

  1. You work for, volunteer* with, or are retired from any facet of the educational industry in the state of Idaho, or
  2. Any member of your immediate family or household* meets the first qualification, or
  3. Any member of your immediate family or household* are currently CapEd members, or
  4. You become a sustaining member of the Idaho CapEd Foundation with a one-time donation, which can be made at account opening.

You also qualify if you are a member of any qualified educational foundation. Visit the Idaho CapEd Foundation to explore its support of education.

*Volunteering in a classroom, supporting your PTO or helping the sports boosters club are just a few ways you can show your support of education. Immediate family members are parents, step-parents, adoptive parents, siblings, step siblings, adoptive siblings, grandparents, grandchildren and spouses. Household members are those living in the same household and sharing living expenses.

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  • debit card

    Works so good, tunes account is the bomb. I love it!

    Reviewed by ryan
    September 22, 2013

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